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July 27, 2017
Why WordPress Care?
August 12, 2017

Over the past decade there are more websites being created than babies being born! Just kidding, but maybe. All joking aside, we are living in a digital age where people are investing in and putting high value on their digital presence. Whether it is social media, websites, or even a phone background, we all take great pride in how our shit looks on mobile and desktop.

This leads me to my next point: Trust. Trust is key for any online business. If you have bad Google reviews then you probably won’t be getting many conversions from your traffic. Nobody will trust you! Reviews are a huge deal when it comes to rankings too, but that’s a conversation for another day. A key way to build trust is by creating a website that is ready to take on traffic. It should be responsive, easy to navigate, modern, content heavy, and most importantly, good looking. In this day and age it is important to keep up. If you’re not, a competitor is. Let’s say a competitor on Google is one spot above or below you. If they have a better website, they are most likely taking customers away from you. When I look up a local restaurant I usually look at the top 3 restaurants with the best reviews then check their websites. Whichever one gets me to the menu the quickest while looking good usually wins my business. Make sure your website reigns supreme amongst all your competitors.

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